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Account information
for individuals
Keep track of all your bank account balances and transaction history in one place and make your finances easy to understand with our free online application
Account information
For businesses
Access your customers' bank account information quickly and easily, without the hassle of downloading bank-statements, via an easy-to-use API channel or in PDF format.
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Account Information Engine
For AISP customers it is also possible to use Aggreg8's data aggregation engine with their own AISP license. For more details, please contact us
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The list of supported banking connections in Aggreg8 is constantly expanding, in accordance with our customers' preferences. If you have any specific needs, feel free to contact us!
What is
PSD2 is the European Union's second directive for electronic payment services. It aims to create an environment conducive to the development of digital financial services and to support the entry of new service providers into financial markets. Read more about PSD2 on FintechZone.
New opportunities
PSD2 creates opportunities for third-party service providers such as AISPs, PISPs, CISPs (collectively TTPs) to access banks' current account management systems and the data stored in them via APIs. This enables TTPs to offer new and innovative financial services to retail and corporate customers
New players
As a result of PSD2, new players such as Account Information Service Providers (AISPs), Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) and Card Payment Instrument Service Providers (CISPs) may enter the financial services market.
New service providers
PSD2 provides the opportunity to develop new, secure and innovative financial services, such as new procedures, processes based on Account Information Services (AIS), or current account-based Electronic Payment Solutions (PIS), or Card Payment Services (CIS).
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