Have you ever experienced the complexity of integrating financial data from multiple sources into your system? Have you ever wondered if there is any provider who could step in with their expertise and let you focus on your core business? If the answer is yes, then is your solution.

Our Aggregator API provides consumers data in aggregated form from a variety of sources including bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investment portfolios, utility companies, loyalty programmes and offline assets. Our service enables you to keep your focus on your core business.


Do you need more than just a simple data-dump? Would you like to take advantage of our data enrichment services? Do you need a well-defined data set?

We are here to help you! Let us know your requirements and we offer you tailor-made intelligence services via our Intelligence API to support your business operation.

Raw transactional data can now be turned into meaningful conclusions. Our in-house developed categorisation algorithms and machine learning model enable you to increase your efficiency. Furthermore, with the help of user-assisted categorization our users can set up custom categories and adapt the auto-categorisation methodologies as per their requirements.


Together with our partners we have already successfully solved a number of business cases. See a list of the most common use cases we experienced.

PFM / Fintech apps

Give a powerful tool to your customers where they can track their financials in one single platform. Our technology covers banking and non-banking accounts (like utilities, telcos), hence your customers indeed get their holistic financial profile. Furthermore, use our Intelligence API when building categorisation services into your PFM.


Extend the scope of your credit-scoring methodology: improve your products by mapping your customers’ financial profile. Our Aggregator API leads to shorter assessment time and better results.

Bill payment app

Establish a meaningful comfort service to your clients and increase customer engagement. Use our aggregator service to build a bill payment solution. Your customers will be able to manage and track their invoices from one single platform.

Sales support tool

Use our aggregator service in personal financial advisory.
Map your clients profile in a 5-minutes exercise and help a better understanding via great visualization. Your advisory team will have more time to deal with the soft mapping and can focus on customer treatment.

Bookkeeping / Accounting support

Are you manually downloading bank statements and re-digitalising them from a piece of paper? Many bookkeeping&accounting firms suffer because of lack of automated processes.
Via innovative technologies, bring automation into your accounting and save time.
Our Aggregator API feeds information from your bank accounts and match invoices with bank transfers. Furthermore, our Intelligence API and categorisation services can help you in pre-processing bookkeeping and reduce manual interactions and chance of human error.