Financial Data Aggregation Service helps you to connect to financial data sources in an easy and secure way

Our AIPs

On-Site Account Information API for AISPs

Take full advantage of PSD2 and receive on-premise account aggregation from us.

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Account Information API for Non-AISPs

Even if you are not obtaining a TPP-license, you can still get access to banking data with our license-as-a-service solution.

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Utility Bill APIs

Allows you to access utility provider billing data of your customer (e.g. accounts, bills, paid/unpaid bills)

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Intelligence APIs

Provides data enrichment such as categorization, transaction labeling tailored to your business requirements.

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Data aggregation

Our aggregator provides connection to multiple datasources such as account data from banks, utilities, and many more institutions.

Data enrichment

Your use case is accelerated via our machine learning-based intelligence services, which creates meaningful context for the collected financial data.

Use Cases

Where we are

Our current service coverage in Hungary includes the leading retail banks and utilities. Our expansion into Central and Eastern Europe is underway.